Censorship helps plot!

This probably doesn’t make sense at first glance but let me explain.

As a guy who is aroused by drawn pictures of  naked girls, watching ecchi with plot can sometimes be hard. And no I don’t just mean hard down there, but hard to focus on what is going on.

See, when something important is presented and in the next moment or the moment before some boobs, or asses were shown with the clear intention to arouse you, then you kinda think “screw this shit I wanna see more tits and asses! Fuck this talking man!“, which ultimately kills your attention to what is actually going on.

A horrible example of ruined plot was Yosuga no Sora for me, which wasn’t even bad from what I can tell, but the constant nudity and sex just really was my main focus when watching the show, so much so, that I basically rushed through all the actual plot and hoped for some more sex or nudity.

This here, as frustrating as it is, actually saves the show for me.

[HorribleSubs] Brynhildr in the Darkness - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.18_[2014.05.06_22.09.55]

If instead they would have shown tits, I am pretty sure I would have said “screw the  plot more tits please!” and would have watched the show entirely for the fanservice and nothing else.


Well sure Brynhildr isn’t a master piece or anything. But it actually has plot and I want to know what will happen next. Thanks to the censorship I can focus on the talking, without fearing my dick will take over my brain and I will blank out anything that isn’t female shaped and naked.


But what do you think? Does censorship help you focus on the actual stuff than on the fanservice, or are you not affected in the first place? Maybe you hate censorship in any case, or don’t care about the plot at all. Tell me!


5 thoughts on “Censorship helps plot!

    • Oddly enough in seikon no qwaser I wouldn’t wanna watch it with censorship, since it is such a bad show and I really cannot care for the plot.
      On the other hand, I only watched it without censorship, so I might be already influenced in my judgement.
      I mean I did end up watching it only for the fanservice/soft porn and not for anything else.

      • Premise was interesting, but the tits weren’t. Girls were mediocre at best, so the ecchi is wasted.

        Generally censored anime are made for the porn aspect, so I don’t have many examples of the counterpoint. Sekirei comes to mind, but aside from that can’t think of anything that’s better off censored except the shitty looking ones.

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  2. Not really. I don’t really like when things are censored. I’ll just get too curious that it’ll eventually kill my interest in watching the show. As a heterosexual female, I don’t really get aroused by boobs or panty shots, and male abs can only go so much.

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