My favorite Openings of Spring 2014

Captain Earth

Hands down my favorite opening this season, really catchy, good voice. What more is there to add? Just check it out, it’s good!


Jojo Stardust Crusader

Fuck yeah METAL \m/ That riff is really nice, and the double bass kicks tight. Jojo delivers in music as usual (even though Walk like an Egyptian isn’t even close as good as Roundabout)


Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

Kanoflag wins cutest opening of the season. Reminds me a bit of one of my most cherished opening of all time.


Selector infected Wixoss

The singers voice is kinda wonky at some points but this gives it a special sound, which turns it to one of the most interesting openings this season.


Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul for some reason has a pretty decent opening. Nothing too fancy or special but catchy nonetheless, especially considering what shit the actual show is…



I’m not even finished with the first season but I already knew from it, that Mushishi “2” will have a good opening as well, and I was right. Good melancholic acoustic song. Also japan could take actual english songs more often from time to time...


Did I miss something? Let me know!