What this is and who I am


So this blog is still in it’s early stage. To get some basic idea out there, it is just me talking about anime and anime related things. I try to be somewhat consequential when posting my thoughts here and try to get a post at least once a week in the future (and of course hopefully more). Right now I aim for one post per day, or one post per two days. I don’t want to be too strict on me since I just keep this as a hobby and outlet to share my ideas.

By the way, if you are not already coming from MAL or Hummingbird, I do have accounts there and you are free to contact me there, follow me or whatever you like. I have written reviews on both accounts (more on MAL, more recent on Hummingbird)  Here are the links:



I also plan a Youtube channel in the future and maybe then make video reviews of shows I like or feel are worth talking about. But all in due time. For now I just focus on writing down my thoughts and sharing my ideas and taste with people who care.

I don’t really want to just post some personal information about myself, so just some basic ones. I am a guy, I watch anime and I am not a teenager anymore. Any additional info you can ask me directly.

I also have skype and sometimes hang out there with other people, talking about anime, but usually I am busy with work, playing video games or of course watching anime. I also have some other things I do but they don’t matter for this post. I do answer all kinds of questions and am willing to debate. For now of course I am not super confrontational to be arguing about anything, but don’t worry I have some strong opinions about the one or other show, or concept.


Censorship helps plot!

This probably doesn’t make sense at first glance but let me explain.

As a guy who is aroused by drawn pictures of  naked girls, watching ecchi with plot can sometimes be hard. And no I don’t just mean hard down there, but hard to focus on what is going on.

See, when something important is presented and in the next moment or the moment before some boobs, or asses were shown with the clear intention to arouse you, then you kinda think “screw this shit I wanna see more tits and asses! Fuck this talking man!“, which ultimately kills your attention to what is actually going on.

A horrible example of ruined plot was Yosuga no Sora for me, which wasn’t even bad from what I can tell, but the constant nudity and sex just really was my main focus when watching the show, so much so, that I basically rushed through all the actual plot and hoped for some more sex or nudity.

This here, as frustrating as it is, actually saves the show for me.

[HorribleSubs] Brynhildr in the Darkness - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_15.18_[2014.05.06_22.09.55]

If instead they would have shown tits, I am pretty sure I would have said “screw the  plot more tits please!” and would have watched the show entirely for the fanservice and nothing else.


Well sure Brynhildr isn’t a master piece or anything. But it actually has plot and I want to know what will happen next. Thanks to the censorship I can focus on the talking, without fearing my dick will take over my brain and I will blank out anything that isn’t female shaped and naked.


But what do you think? Does censorship help you focus on the actual stuff than on the fanservice, or are you not affected in the first place? Maybe you hate censorship in any case, or don’t care about the plot at all. Tell me!

My favorite Openings of Spring 2014

Captain Earth

Hands down my favorite opening this season, really catchy, good voice. What more is there to add? Just check it out, it’s good!


Jojo Stardust Crusader

Fuck yeah METAL \m/ That riff is really nice, and the double bass kicks tight. Jojo delivers in music as usual (even though Walk like an Egyptian isn’t even close as good as Roundabout)


Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

Kanoflag wins cutest opening of the season. Reminds me a bit of one of my most cherished opening of all time.


Selector infected Wixoss

The singers voice is kinda wonky at some points but this gives it a special sound, which turns it to one of the most interesting openings this season.


Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul for some reason has a pretty decent opening. Nothing too fancy or special but catchy nonetheless, especially considering what shit the actual show is…



I’m not even finished with the first season but I already knew from it, that Mushishi “2” will have a good opening as well, and I was right. Good melancholic acoustic song. Also japan could take actual english songs more often from time to time...


Did I miss something? Let me know!

Spring Season 2014 Impression

Each season I check out most of what is airing and give my impressions after a couple of episodes in. I used to post these on my MAL account but I thought having a blog would make it easier to keep record and share my thoughts. So here it is, my Spring Season 2014 impressions.


#18 Blade & Soul


 Gonzo comes out of the woodwork and adapts a fighting game into an anime. It’s mindless ecchi action, my least favorite anime genre of them all.

I dropped it within the first 5 mins and never came back to it.

Status: Dropped Ep1



#17 Atelier Escha & Logy ~Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi~


Studio Gokumi plays it save again and adapts also a video game into an anime. I was always interested in playing the series but never did. The show however is boring as hell. I tried to watch the first episode 2 times but just couldn’t get into it.

Status: Dropped Ep1

#16 M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~


Satelight comes out with a mecha which sadly couldn’t impress me in the first ep. There is already a second one out, but I haven’t gotten to it, I also heard it was boring just as the first episode.

Status: On Hold Ep1 

#15 Akuma no Riddle


Akuma no Riddle rivals Mirai Nikki in its stupidity but fails to be entertaining. It is by far one of the worst anime I’ve seen in a while. The premise alone makes no sense. A school class full of girls, who are all assassins but one, out to kill the none assassin? And the MainCharacter assassin goes yuri on the poor victim and protects her from the other ones? Not only that but these so called assassins are incompetent as hell. And the victim girl wants to make friends with them… yeah sure.

Status: watching to bash it, Ep4 – 1/10

#14 Mekakucity Actors


Shaft keeps shafting, this time apparently something that in its original form is nothing like what shaft made out of it. I’m not too keen on it so far. The only shaft I like is Monogatari Series so I probably end up dropping this at some point.

Status: On hold Ep2

#13 Date A Live II


date a live 2

I watched DAL 1 and kinda liked it, even though it is shit. But here I am again watching the second season of it and must say. It is even worse than the first one. I might end up dropping it this time.

Status: On hold Ep3


#12 Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin - OP - Large 06

Man A1 really fucked up this one. It started out so good in the first 3 episodes.  SoL, Adventure, Romance. Yay I thought. But then episode 4 came along and totally shifted the tone to dark and serious, even though it didn’t fit with the show so far. Put me off real bad. I will continue this, it might get better again, but I doubt it. I didn’t mind the tone shift in Fractale but this time it was just bad.

Status: Not sure if want Ep4

#11 Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?


There isn’t really much to say about Goochumon, but cute and moe. There is at least one of these kinds of shows in each season and sometimes I watch them. Like Kirino Mosaik or Mikakunin de Shinkoukei last season. I usually lose interest along the way but pick them up again when I just need something relaxing.

Status: On Hold Ep1

#10 Seikoku no Dragonar


Silver Link gives us Zero no Tsukaima clone. Rie Kugimiya voices a tsunere DFC and we have a lame protagonist doing some random stuff + ecchi. I must say however, even though it is one of the most generic things I’ve seem in a long time, I have fun with it. Don’t recommend it however, unless you really can get something out of generic ecchi fantasy stuff.

Status: Weekly badness Ep 4

#9 Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara


Another generic Ecchi (Harem in this case) is Kanojo ga Flag […], it isn’t good by any standards, but it is like Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! which back then (summer 2012) I kinda enjoyed. It really does nothing spectacular. It even looks bad, but has cute girls, simple plot and fanservice. What else would you want from a harem?

Status: Weekly enjoyment Ep 4

#8 JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders


First of all I am not a JoJo fanboy. I didn’t even finish the first season, but this one got me interested again. Yet I already feel the disengagement kick in… I have to force myself to watch the show every week. The episodes aren’t bad but I just don’t feel the hype.

Status: Not sure if drop later Ep 4

#7 Captain Earth


Bones is busy this season. Three shows at once,  though one of them is Soul Eater Not which is 100% shit and no one should watch it! Captain Earth however is a pretty decent Mecha so far. Kinda generic in terms of Mecha but good production Values, the best Opening song so far and overall not too bad. I am just not a big fan of Mecha or else this would be scored higher.

Status: Pretty good show but have to force myself to watch ep 3

#6 No Game No Life


One of the two Madhouse shows is No Game No Life, an otaku pandering and escapism show with a loli imouto who together with her neet brother go into the world of games to change it. Yay the premise sounds like pandering, and it is pandering. The games don’t even make sense, they are just random. However it has ecchi and comedy in it which make it very enjoyable. Also it looks nice and I just love lolis.

Status: loli/10 Ep 4

#5 Gokukoku no Brynhildr


Who would have guessed I would like an anime based on the manga of the elfen lied guy. I mean I fucking HATE elfen lied. However, Brynhildr so far is interesting. It is bad I know, it is filled with out of place SoL moments and fanservice, but has these over excessive  gore scenes. Yet it keeps me wanting more. I even started reading the manga of it (with the hope it is uncensored but it isn’t really).

Status: Weekly entertainment Ep 5

#4 Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei


Madhouse No. 2 is a LN powerfantasy adaptation and I like it, sue me! It is somewhat like SAO, but not with Kirito as a main character and incest right from the start. But hey I like OP, OP is fun. Visuals are nice too and it has this Code Geass feel so far. Not sure where this will go but so far it is one of the few madhouse shows that I actually liked since 2010.

Status: Weekly Entertainment Ep 5

#3 Hitsugi no Chaika


Bones second show this season (ignoring the abomination that is Soul Eater Not!) is  Chaika. It has everything I want from an anime.  A plot, no schools, decent characters, action and a loli. So far it is a pretty good fantasy show and has still room to either go bad or be better. Chaika is also one of the cutest lolis of the season.

Status: Weekly Entertainment, and actually good? Ep 4

#2 Black Bullet


I feel like I am the only person who likes BB. In short it is Guilty Crown with lolis, and by now you should know I love lolis. Also considering this is done by Kinema Citrus I was fairly impressed by the budget that went into this show. I mean the only other shows I know done by Kinema Citrus look like shit (Code: Breaker, Yuyushiki). So this one is maybe the first decent show made by KC. So whether you like it or not, you can give credit where it is due. Other than that, yeah action, no school, likable characters and lolis. Also Enju is love Enju is live!

Status: I love it, sue me! Ep 4

#1 Selector Infected WIXOSS


Who would have guessed that JC staff makes a serious show for once? I mean I  love Railgun and JC has proven to use they are capable of making really good shows. But this time they tried a bit more than usual and went into Madoka territory. I’m pretty sure this show is not just some cheap marketing trick to sell cards to kids, like Yugioh does it. But it is an actual show which has its own merits. The only way they can ruin it so far is by making the ending shit, which I hope they don’t do. I mean Mari Okada writes it, not sure if I can trust her… Other than that, we have really nice looking backgrounds, great soundtrack, decent opening song and really interesting plot. The characters are kind two dimensional but they do their job. Kinda too melodramatic but if you can stomach it, they are good.

Status: Pretty damn good. Can’t wait for more! Ep 5