Nothing happened and I am busy, go and read Sekien no Inganock!

Seriously, nothing big in anime happened this last week and I’ve been busy. Reading Sekien no Inganock made me realize how much better it is than most anime airing and how it is totally under appreciated.

Here is a link, if you are into Steampunk, Gothic-Horror then you might enjoy this. Also it is a visual novel which isn’t in a school setting, Yay!

I hope you know how to get it, it’s pretty long and I recommend using a walk-through for the puzzles as they are very hard and don’t matter as puzzles anyways, but if you fail them you get a game over.


My top 4 Anime of 2013

First up, why 4? Well easy, because a year has 4 seasons and I will pick my favorite anime of each season, which I obviously also recommend you to watch.

Winter 2013

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru


Let me get one thing out of the way first. Yes this is a generic Harem, but […] excuses. No but really, I don’t mind harems if they accomplish to entertain me, and OreShura did so. It was basically Chuunibyou as an actual ecchi harem and not the lukewarm shit KyuAni feeds us. It’s the same premise, we have a regular high school boy who used to be an awkward chuu2 back in middle school and meets a girl (who is basically Senjougahara from Monogatari) who turns his life around. The main focus of the show is comedy and you shouldn’t want anything more from it but comedy and light ecchi. I personally had a blast watching this and there wasn’t really any competition to be honest, so it is an easy favorite anime of the season for me.

Runner ups: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
(for being a decent Arms show, but the ending was too rushed to be actually good) 
Greatest disappointment: Kotoura-san or Sasami-san@Ganbaranai
(for both not leading anywhere. Kotoura-san even baited you with boo-hoo sad backdrop and then did nothing with it…)
Worst of the season: Amnesia
(for being terrible fujoshi shit with ludicrous character outfit designs)


Spring 2013

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

While everyone was hyping Attack on Titan, JC Staff for some reason thought it was a good time to make a fucking good anime for once and delivered us 17 amazingly good episodes of the second season of Railgun. If you are not familiar withe the Index franchise, it is basically your typical LN beta male with super powers saves a bunch of girls shit you’ve probably seen at some point in your life. However, Railgun is the manga spin off written by someone who isn’t mentally a teenager anymore and actually knows how to write in the first place. Railgun S actually just shows you an arc again which was already covered in the first season of Index, but not only do we see the whole spectacle from the point of view of Misaka, but this time it is actually fucking incredible! The way they captured the drama, the action even the strategies in battle was just so mind-blowing that I couldn’t believe that JC Staff was responsible for this. I mean usually they just focus on fan service and crappy LN or Manga adaptations, sometimes you even get a decent RomCom like ToraDora, but with Railgun S they really created 17 amazing episodes with good animation, soundtrack, voice acting, plot and characters. Sadly the show did end with a bunch of “filler” in the end, which if you’ve seen the first season of Railgun was probably more what everyone was expecting it to be like.

Runner ups: Attack on TitanHentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, Aku no Hana
(well I actually like Attack on Titan. HenNeko was simply adorable and Aku no hana was special in its own right.) 
Greatest disappointment: OreImo 2Suisei no GargantiaYahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru
(OreImo went for incest and was trying to be serious which didn’t work. Gargantia was boring as hell and then went stupid plot twist nosedive, OreSeishun was boring and besides the MC had nothing to offer)
Worst of the season: Kakumeiki Valvrave
(for simply being really fucking bad)


Summer 2013

Monogatari Series: Second Season

Yes I like the Monogatari Series. While I thought that Nisemonogatari wasn’t all that good and Nekomonogatari pretty lame I didn’t expect the second season of Bakemonogatari to be so good. But I was mistaken. Going with no high expectations really helped me appreciate the show more. Not only did the first arc accomplish to make the two characters I liked the least to be pretty good (Senjougahara and Hanekawa), it also was surprisingly well written in all parts. It was like it was deconstructing itself – its characters (the meat of the show). The drama was actually really good, no arc was bad and the last arc was probably the best in all of Monogatari history period. Being such a great show was not the only fact it is my favorite of the summer season, there was literally NO competition.

Runner ups: Servant x Service
(I like Working! and Servant x Service is basically Working! minus the annoying characters) 
Greatest disappointment: Kamisama no Inai NichiyoubiiGen`ei o Kakeru Taiyou
(High hopes for both, yet both failed along the way. I finished Genei Taiyou however and thought it was just horribly executed but not horrible in itself)
Worst of the season: Free! 
(Fujoshi shit)


Fall 2013

Nagi no Asukara

One: I am a Buriki fan (the character designer). Two: I love coming of age and romance shows. Three: Lolis. Those are the three major reasons why I love Nagi no Asukara and why it is my favorite anime of last year (even though it ended 2014). It has good characters, lots of development, an interesting setting, romance, drama, great soundtrack, good visuals (even though I hate PA Works character design adaptations) and was overall a very enjoyable show. If you like slow SoL/Drama/Romance I highly recommend it to you. I was laughing, crying, cheering and raging. This show has all the feels and became one of my favorite anime of all time.

Runner ups: Golden TimeLog Horizon
(Golden Time was decent but nothing too amazing. Good watch. Log Horizon was better than expected but needs way better budget in the second season!) 
Greatest disappointment: Kyokai no KanataCOPPELION
(KyoAni fucks up as usualy. I mean they just have to drop the fucking Moe in shows where it doesn’t belong, please! Coppelion done by Go Hands no wonder it sucks.)
Worst of the season: Kill la Kill
(Not that I bothered much with it, but I just hate random stupid shows like KLK and anything Imaishi does.)


So this covers the entire year. Overall I think 2013 wasn’t half bad. I got enough good shows out of it and a couple of more decent ones. Sure it had some really shitty shows but which year doesn’t.

So far 2014 doesn’t look half as good as 2013, even though Spring is filled with watchables.