The ‘mannikin’ at magic high school

Tatsuya Shiba has proven himself to be the blandest character of recent anime history with an equally bland and uneventful anime to go with him.

Shiba Sameface

Shiba Sameface

Tatsuya Shiba is the overpowered (gary stu) protagonist of ‘Mahouka’ animated by studio Madhouse in the current spring season.
At first I didn’t mind his stoic personality but ever since last episode it really annoyed me. Not only that but also the tensionless events which go on in this extremely generic Light Novel adaptation. No amount of blood and cool animated fighting scenes can make this show good.

Despite his non existent personality or varied facial expressions, Tatsuya apparently can do anything and is unbeatable (at least so far) which steals any amount of tension from any encounter with his enemies. I mean the enemies are also completely incompetent. A terrorist organisation easily gets destroyed by a handful of teenagers who apparently all have immense fighting experience and strategical thinking skills which allow them to take down an entire terrorist hideout without any trouble.

Weapons how do they work?

Weapons how do they work?

Maybe I am just spoiled by shows like Hunter x Hunter which relies heavily on strategies and planning out before taking on tough enemies, but seriously this is neither cool nor exciting. What is with these over powered Main Characters in bullshit Light Novels anyways? I mean this guy is worse than Kirito, because at least Kirito had some charisma. Tatsuya just ‘samefaces’ the entire time and talks in this extremely pretentious fashion like he is some super euphoric gentleman. He only needs a fedora and he is president of the teenage gentleman club.



I mean I usually like the calm, collected and smart characters but this one has just no soul, no passion, he simply does things and is so predictable, always keeps the same demeanor, no fuck ups, no glitches, too perfect and boring.

His voice actor also acted for a similar character which I liked a lot on the other hand…


Shiba stole my face

Oreki from Hyouka actually had charm. He was smart but blunt and had no social skills. While Tatsuya both is smart, charming and the girls like him. It’s just too many good qualities at once, while Oreki was actually a flawed person.

Overall last episode (episode 7) actually damaged the entire image of the series for me. The second something happens it is over so quick even the anime itself notices it…

Hopefully with the introduction of Suzaku…erm I mean Crimson Prince the show gains some tension and we see characters actually struggle to gain what they want. I mean what is the point of a story if everything is a piece of cake and there is no struggle at all? You could also show people eating a slice of bread instead and it would have the same effect (I bet Shiba would look the same eating a slice of bread as when he fights evil terrorists).


Summer Season 2014 Expectations

Weekend passed and I didn’t post anything, which was mostly due to me playing Dark Souls 2 like an addict the entire time. I also didn’t watch any anime to be honest. So then yesterday on Mothers Day I caught up with some shows and not really anything worth mentioning happened in the ones I watched, though I think I will give an update soon about the shows airing right now and how I stand.

So instead I thought I take a look at Summer Season and what will be airing and rate stuff that looks or sounds interesting and give my idea on how good I think it could be.

I use AniChart for this and just go over shows which look at least somewhat interesting, not all of them.


The first noteworthy show is by A1 Picture. It’s a mecha and it was created by Gen Urobuchi. So I haven’t mentioned it here on the blog, but I hate Urobuchi shows, they are fucking horrible. And after Gargantia I promised myself to never watch a show by him again. So this is a big no no for me and I avoid it at any cost. Sad so many people will hype it to death..

Rating: ☆

Ao Haru Ride

A shoujo romance by IG? Hmm not interested. I am not a big shoujo fan, especially not romances. While I genuinely like romance anime, the shoujo variants of it aren’t my cup of tea. If for some reason people call this the next best thing ever I might check it out, however I am not excited for it. IG is also mostly disappointing when it comes to making good anime.

Rating: ★

Bakumatsu Rock

There is so much that I already don’t like about this. 1) Rock. I like hard music. I listen to a lot of really heavy hardcore crust stuff but generic rock is pretty lame so this does not appeal to me at all. 2) Deen. Deen is one of my least liked Studios. Not only do their shows look bad, but they also pick pretty bad shows mostly and lack to talented staff to make a show really good. 3) Music Anime. In general music anime never appealed to me. As a former musician myself the way they portrait a band is always so far from reality that it frustrates me. I might however check out at least the first episode.

Rating: ★

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal

Finally, the things all we older people have been waiting for years. A Sailor Moon remake. While I wasn’t hyped until recently now I am. I grew up with Sailor Moon it was my first genuine Anime when I was 6 or 7 years old. I was head over heels in love with Usagi (basically my first 2D romance) and loved the show. In 2010 I re watched everything till 4th season and now I am really looking forward to this. I hope they make it to 4th season because that was my favorite one.

Rating: ★★★★★

DRAMAtical Murder

NAZ is a studio that seems super new. Not only have I not watched one show made by them but they also haven’t made many to begin with. Apparently the only show I heard about was Hamatora which I wasn’t interested in. From the tags alone it sounds interesting. Sci Fi, Psychological, Action – could be good. However the director seems to be some no name and the compositionist is a woman who hasn’t really made master pieces so my expectations are low.

Rating: ★★


PA Works makes another slow SoL. Not sure if I will like this one. I don’t expect it to be a second Nagi no Asukara, however maybe it is decent. I will definetly check it out and drop it if needed. The director Junji Nishimura hasn’t really done anything I consider good so again expectations are low.

Rating: ★★☆


Looks bad. I will watch it. I mean it has ecchi in it. There is no way it can be good. However it can still be quite enjoyable. It’s just otaku pandering that is it. The studio who makes this is also low tier and hasn’t made any decent anime as far as I can tell. So yeah expectations are low but still wanna check this out.

Rating: ★

Kantai Collection

What!? Kantai Collections gets an anime? Wow this must be the most pandering bullshit ever. I will definitely check this out. I only heard elitists hate on it and otakus praise it so I am in the middle to decide what I take from it. I don’t expect ANYTHING good however. I might even drop it, but I will check it out!

Rating: ★★

Majimoji Rurumo

Magic Comedy? Well sounds lame but looks cute. I haven’t found out much about it. Apparently the original creator also did the bicicle anime from IG last season. So yeah no expectations just check it out.

Rating: ★

Persona 4 The Golden Animation

I really love Persona, but I find they milk it too much. Just make Persona 5 already! But yeah I’ll check it out, however I have not played Golden so I am not familiar with it. In the end it might just be fanservice and I have no idea what is really going on. But anyways I loved the games, loved the anime so why not?

Rating: ★

Sanzoku no Musume Ronja

Old school story done by Miyazakis son? Sure I will watch this! I am not a big ghibli fan, however this is probably better than most of what will be airing in Summer. So color me exited.

Rating: ★★★

Sword Art Online II

What else but ‘Fuck yeah’ is there to say? Fuck yeah trainwreck incoming! I am actually excited for this. I was never on the hater fence. I was more on the “I’m gonna watch this shit and have a good time” fence. I mean the show is bad to average, so I don’t hype it as some glorious amazing anime. However, the hate is amusing so I want to be part of the shitstorm when it is coming.

Rating: ★★★★

Tokyo Kushu

This looks actually interesting. Studio Pierrot does this? Weird, I only know them from stuff like Naruto so I never thought much of them. However a horror anime can be hit or miss, so I hope this is decent at least. I really want good horror in anime please! The artstyle looks pretty cool but the pv made it look way to edgy. Horror has to be subtle not in your face to be effective, so maybe this will just end up as a horrible anime instead of a horror anime…

Rating: ★★★


Well nothing else caught my eye. If you know something or are hyped for something let me know!